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Interim Roles

Propelling your momentum with interim expertise


Whether your team is experiencing a shortage of resources because of new challenges, transitions, restructurings or experiencing growth, our team is here to help close the gap and drive strategic initiatives.

We are an extension of your team.

Organizations are faced with a multitude of challenges and opportunities in an increasingly competitive market. Coupled with stringent regulations, complex operations and budget constraints, this can leave you lacking the resources to get the job done. That’s where we come in.  

Bridgepoint’s experts seek to join the management teams of our clients on an interim basis to help achieve their goals and keep the momentum moving forward. Since we’ve sat on both sides of the table – as industry experts ourselves, and as trusted advisors to our partners – we’re uniquely equipped to fill vacant roles without missing a beat.

Potential interim roles:

VP of Finance
Accounting Manager*
SEC Reporting Manager
Financial Analyst 

*Bridgepoint Consulting is not a CPA firm. 

Partner Testimonial

How Bridgepoint revamped our entire financial process.

Clayton Christopher, Co-founder, Deep Eddy Vodka
Former Founder/CFO, Sweet Leaf Tea

Need Help Filling an Interim Role?